Man Utd defender Luke Shaw scoffed at Carlos, and England’s international community doesn’t want to put itself in talent next to the Real Madrid and Brazil icon.

Luke Shaw’s approach

The 25-year-old’s efforts in the 2020-21 campaign have compared him to World Cup winner Roberto Carlos in a loyal fanbase at Old Trafford. Luke is conspicuous by earning Player of the Month prizes and a tip to the Three Lions, but admits he makes some money by standing alongside the always great on the left honor rollback.

Responding to his new nickname during a Q&A on United’s official website, Luke said he would be honest and see some things on him on social media, and sometimes in his group chats, his buddies send him some things and he just laughs at this! he says he cannot be compared to him, he was incredible and he knows about it, and it’s nice to even be mentioned next to his name, but he just laughs at it!


Who was the example for Luke Shaw?

Carlos was an obvious role model for Luke Shaw as the South American superstar raised the bar for all left-backs who have blazed a similar path. His left leg was a dangerous weapon in the final third, with a reputation for producing spectacular shots from crazy angles and dead-ball situations. Luke, however, is willing to admit that he looked a little closer to home for inspiration when he carved out his own career.

Former Arsenal and Chelsea star Ashley Cole is yet another to deserve the best left-back on the planet, with the man who earned 107 caps for England, showing the new generation what can be achieved in what hasn’t always been the most glamorous of positions.

Luke also said to his idols that he thinks that looking back at when he was growing up and his era, and watching him a lot and basing his game a lot on him and how he wanted to be as a player, then he would have to say Ashley was the best.