Belgium won the first game of qualification for World Cup 2022. Roberto Martinez met with the journalists and answered many questions, including a question related to Eden Hazard.

Coach knows Eden Hazard well

Roberto Martienz said that he knows Eden Hazard very well. He noted that Eden is a very good player and it’s strange to see him miss the games like Euro or World Cup qualifications. Roberto Martinez said that Belgian players are always calm in bad times but in this case, he is very addicted to return and feels lots of pressure on him. Eden Hazard is a best belgian winger and he has proved this many times by scoring goals or giving assists. At the same time, Eden Hazard feels bad inside because he wants to be on the pitch and help the team. Roberto Martinez admitted that Eden Hazard will keep recovering and he will return stronger than before. The coach of Belgium’s national team hoped for Eden’s help during Euro 2021 (2020). 

What’s wrong with Eden Hazard’s health

Belgian player was recovering well and Zidane wanted him to play against Atalanta. Eden even played 15 minutes against Elche and he made a big impact on the final result. After the game, Zidane was happy and hoped for the best. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Eden Hazard had an injury relapse on Monday morning. He could not continue training and left the ground. Zidane was disappointed during the press-conference and said that they will look after Eden Hazard. It seems that Eden’s knee is not in good condition. News and Media representatives noted that Eden wanted an operation but the medical team was against it. It seems that Eden’s body can’t go under the operational table because it may end his career. Medical team wrote a big letter for the fans where they explained the situation of Eden Hazard’s injury. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Eden has to recover naturally unless they may watch Eden’s end of the career.