Belgium’s national team is going to be the main favorite for Euro 2021. Captain of the club is still injured and can’t help the squad yet.

Eden Hazard is injured again

The Real Madrid star returned to training three weeks ago. He trained alone with the ball and then joined Los Blancos squad last week. He played against Elche and 15 minutes were enough for him to get another injury. Eden Hazard missed first training with the main squad. Rumors suggested that Hazard has serious problems with the same injury – knee. His last injury relapsed and can’t workout properly with the ball. Keep in mind that Eden Hazard could not maintain a perfect form in Madrid. He left Chelsea two years ago. Belgian player joined Real Madrid in summer 2019. Eden missed half of the matches he could possibly play. Keep in mind that Eden Hazard has not played any game against Barcelona as a Real Madrid player.


Roberto Martinez is happy and patient

National team’s coach said that Eden will be fit. Journalists asked him about the opinion of Eden Hazard’s performance in Madrid. Keep in mind that Eden Hazard may have serious issues related to the knee. He has to be operated on in 2019 after the game against PSG. Real Madrid played a game against PSG in November 2019 when Eden got first injury. He was out of shape but still got injured by his compatriot. 

Eden Hazard could not recover on time. Rumors suggest that he was offered to get an operation on the knee. There was a really big problem in the knee and Hazard could not recover in a simple way. That’s why he needed an operation. Keep in mind that operation may take him out for the rest of the season. The Real Madrid medical team decided to not operate and stay in the same manner. After this injury, Real Madrid players are not the same. Martinez said that Eden will be the best player in the Euro 2021.