Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson has praised his side’s chances of winning the Premier League.

Liverpool have lost 4 points to West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle in the last two rounds. Both matches ended in a draw. This angered Robertson, though the Scot is still hopeful.

“I do not want to offend anyone. But 1 or 2 years ago we would have beaten West Bromwich Albion and Newcastle, and we would not have lost points as we do now.

7-8 teams are fighting for the championship at once. Of course, it is unlikely that we will finish the season with 97 or 98 points. “I think we will have 80 points for the championship this year because everyone loses points with everyone,” Robertson said.

Liverpool is the leader of the English Premier League with 33 points. Second-placed Manchester United, who are better than Liverpool with goals scored and conceded, have the same number of points.