Brendan Rodgers claims he has started a big project at Leicester City and he is determined to complete his work.


Despite Rodgers being Tottenham’s preferred choice to replace Jose Mourinho, particularly has no interest in abandoning the Foxes.

Rodgers admits it is good to be associated with a big club like Tottenham. However, he gives his clearest indication that he has no intention of leaving.

“I’m very, very happy here. I have huge respect here for the players. The board and I really feel that I want to continue my work here,” Rodgers said.

“I’ve got a set of players that give me their heart and soul every single day. Also, I can see a future here in terms of the development of the squad,” he added.

Rodgers claims he has built a strong relationship with the club and wants to continue.

“I’ve got a really strong relationship with the board. We work very closely together,” Rodgers claimed.

He explained, “I always knew what the challenge was coming here, to try and improve the squad. And over the last couple of years what we’ve been able to do is build an infrastructure around behavior and creating a mindset in order to win.”

“That’s not easy but you see now the mentality around developing that will and desire to win,” he continued.

“Now for the next period of years let’s see if we can roll that out now, can we continually evolve,” he added.

Rodgers concluded, “Tottenham is a great club. One of the biggest clubs in Britain but for me, I’m just in a really, really happy place in my life.”

Leicester fights for a top-four position and are third in the Premier League this season. Also, they have set an FA Cup semifinal date with Chelsea.

Significantly, Brendan Rodgers has improved the Foxes especially in the Premier League and he seems determined to continue with his work.