After the 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace on Monday, Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers urges his side to keep pushing on.


Rodgers calls on his players to show the premier league what they have by pushing on. Monday’s win took the Foxes to 62 points, the last season’s total tally.

Despite Leicester’s significant improvement, Rodgers is urging them to definitively prove it to the rest of the country.

“We’re constantly looking to improve,” he said.

He continued, “We were aware from the last result that three points took us level. We’ve improved as a team in terms of maturity and our football and now we’ve matched last season.”

“So we want to go on and gain more points in the next five games. And that shows we’re developing from a scoreboard perspective as well, he added.

He continued, “It’s important to constantly improve; it’s what you’re always looking for as a coach and a manager. I get great joy in seeing these guys getting better every day and hopefully we can finish well to cap off a great season.”

Notably, Leicester only needs three wins to cement a top-four finish, although two wins and a draw will do if the fifth-placed West Ham does not maintain a perfect record. While that is hard, football is dynamic and anything is possible.

Rodgers hopes he can push to pressure on the second-place Manchester United, currently five points ahead.

“I’ve always been that way, I always look forward and never behind,” Rodgers said.

“We’ll try to catch who’s in front of us if we can. There’s still five games to go,” he added.

“Now we can recover. We had three tough games in nine days, three great victories for the guys. We had different types of wins. Now we can recover and get ready for another really important game on Friday (against Southampton),” Rodger concluded.