Rodrygo will play against Atalanta according to Spanish journalists. Zidane decided to use youngsters as a main weapon.


Brazilian forward returned from injury

It’s not a surprise that Rodrygo loves the Champions League. He scored first career hat-trick against Galatasaray. It was the ‘perfect’ hat-trick scored by the youngster player in Champions League history. Rodrygo even scored against other teams in CL. Zidane knows that Rodrygo is an entirely different person while playing in the Champions League. After Hazard’s injury update, Zidane decided to use youngster as a main weapon. 

Real Madrid can’t sit back and let Atalanta dominate the pitch. One goal difference is nothing in the Champions League tournament. One little mistake from the defenders of Los Blancos can drastically change the situation.


Problems in the attacking line

Zinedine Zidane has serious problems in the attacking line. Team can’t score many goals this season. Karim Benzema is the main-scorer and he has not reached 30+ goals yet. Keep in mind that the second-position score-person is Casemiro. Brazilian midfielder will be absent today. Keep in mind that he got a yellow card against Atalanta in the first game, so he has to miss the match. Zidane’s team revolves around Casemiro, it will be a tough decision for Zidane to replace Case.

Journalists asked Zidane about the return of Cristiano Ronaldo. We have to admit that Ronaldo is not playing in this tournament as his team was defeated by Porto. Cristiano wants to change the situation in the team but has no ‘winner mentality’ in the squad. Rumors suggests that Ronaldo wants to go to Real Madrid and end career there. Los Blancos has serious issues when it comes to scoring goals. Return of Ronaldo won’t be a big surprise. Keep in mind that Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid in the summer of 2018. He won a third consecutive Champions League title and left Madrid for Turin. Ronaldo won two Serie A titles in Italy and could not win CL trophy so far.