Midfielder of AS Roma Javier Pastore believes that ending the season of series A will be impossible. As the coronavirus devastates Italy.

It’s impossible to finish Serie A

Midfielder of AS Roma Javier Pastore believes that ending the season of series A will be impossible, as the coronavirus devastates Italy. Italy has been in isolation for almost two weeks now. As its government is trying to contain the coronavirus pandemic, which claimed the lives of more than 4,800 people in the country. More than 790 deaths were recorded in Italy on Saturday. With the sport all over the globe suspended – Serie A suspended at least until April, while UEFA postponed 2020 Euros until next year. Damiano Tommasi, president of the Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC). Said that Serie A season could resume in May or June if everything goes well amid the emergency in COVID-19. Still, Pastore has severe doubts about the end of the 2019-20 campaign.

All clubs will lose money

“We’ll see if we play again this season or next. Honestly, I think that it will be impossible to finish the season since we need minimum 20-30 days of exercise to be ready,” the Argentinean international told reporters. “All clubs will lose money, but I think it’s practically impossible to renew what we left.”But we can’t do this, because next summer there is Euro, Copa America, etc.”Before defending Serie A, defending Juventus champions led the table one point ahead of Lazio, with the last top-flight between Sassuolo and Brescia, and the former winning 3-0 on March 9.

Roma players are training at home

Despite the uncertainty about the near future of Serie A, Pastore and his Roma squad are doing everything possible to remain fit during the crisis. “Our team cannot train together, but the club gave each player the necessary training equipment to train at home.”We wake up in the morning, weigh ourselves and send all the necessary details to the staff, including the time we spent in training and the exercises, which we have done. We must try to maintain muscle tone. Having seen that everything is falling apart in Italy, Pastore also warned his native Argentina that the coronavirus should not be underestimated. “In Argentina, there will be chaos because people are going to rush to panic purchases. And companies will try to make the most of the situation, which is not happening in Italy,” said Pastore.

“Do not believe the false stories that come out; the truth is that this is a disease that is dangerous not only for older people. We have been dealing with this virus for a month now, and at first, the problem seemed not so important, but after two weeks, it was chaos.”Only supermarkets and pharmacies are open, and there are a lot of checks on the street so that people do not go out.”