Who would have thought that after the round, Inter Milan could still qualify for next round? Well, technically no one has qualified yet. Inter Milan and other three clubs have the same chance to qualify for next round.

Worst performance against Real Madrid

Conte could not change the situation against Real Madrid. Inter Milan played two matches against Los Blancos and lost both. Conte was not happy by the performance of the squad last week. He promised that the team would improve and try everything to win the game in Germany. That’s what happened on Tuesday night. In the cold German weather, Inter Milan players managed to score three. Romelu Lukaku was lucky enough to score a double in the second half and gave a big lead to his club. Currently, Inter Milan has a chance to qualify for next round. Milan based club has 5 points and everything is in their hands. Inter Milan can win the home-match against Shakhtar and qualify for the next round. Antonio Conte was happy after the match. The Italian coach mentioned that the squad is ready to face Ukrainians.

Germans scored equalizer – VAR said it was offside

After the game, fans wrote that Monchengladbach was robbed by the referees. What does it mean? German club could score the goal by the end of the match. VAR checked the moment and decided that it was offside. It was not a clear moment, that’s why some fans believe that it was a clear goal.

Inter Milan opened the score-line in the first half. Darmian scored in the 17th minute and gave a lead to Inter Milan. Germans could equalize in the last minute of the first half. Inter Milan took a big lead in the second half. Romelu Lukaku scored two goals in a few minutes and gave two-goals lead to Inter. Keep in mind that Monchengladbach managed to score a second goal. It was a goal from Plea again. In the 84th minute, Monchengladbach scored the goal and VAR said that it was an offside. The Germans went furious about it and the referee gave many yellow cards.