Dutch coach met with the press before the game. Barcelona will play against Athletic Bilbao for the Copa Del Rey trophy.

Few words about Athletic Bilbao

Ronald Koeman said that everything is very simple. He noted that Athletic Bilbao is a very competitive team. At the same time, he said that Barcelona players know Athletic very well because they played many times in a short period of time. Barcelona played against Athletic Bilbao in SuperCopa and they lost in extra-time. At the same time, Barcelona played two games in La liga and they won both games. Koeman said that Barcelona knows Bilbao very well and players need to execute the main plan exactly to win the game. Ronald said that Athletic Bilbao has improved under a new coach. As you may know Athletic Bilbao has a new coach and the team is playing differently. Look at the form of the team – Bilbao reached the final of Copa Del Rey which is a big achievement for the club this season.


Formation of the team in Copa Del Rey Final

The Dutchman said that most of the players are feeling confident and good. He noted that Barcelona can play with various formations. Koeman said that the team will play with three defenders or they will return to a four-defenders formation. Everything is simple and formation will be decided before the game. Few top-tier players of Barcelona are still recovering and they might start against Athletic Bilbao. Koeman admitted that Pique will be fit for the clash against opponent. The Dutchman said that Pique worked very hard and he trained with the main squad for the last four days. It gives a promise to the medical team that Pique could be ready for the clash. Koeman said that Barcelona has to dominate the midfield and control the ball. During the domination of midfield, the team has to create as many scoring chances as possible.