Barcelona’s head-coach was not happy after the match. He said that Barca was not good at the pitch and Juventus won every battle against Barca’s players.

Team lost the match in the first half.

As you may know, Juventus scored two goals in the first half. Especially, Ronaldo and his teammates were very active in the first 20 minutes. Ronald Koeman said that Barcelona lost the match in the first few minutes. Head-coach said that Barca players were playing badly and it was indeed the worst performance from the team this season. Coach also added one more interesting note – the team started the match without a desire of winning. Keep in mind that Barca was in the first position but they lost that position too. Juventus took the same amount of points but they had better stats against Barcelona.

Ronald was not happy with the players attitude towards the match. Koeman said that players wanted to play the match rather than winning it. Coach said that it was very unusual from Barca’s players to now show the desire of winning the game.

Two penalties for Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronald Koeman said that if there was a penalty for Ronaldo, then the referee had to give a penalty to Messi also. Keep in mind that Messi could score a penalty but VAR checked the situation. It was visible that Antoine Griezmann was in the offside situation. Unfortunately to Barca’s fans, the referee overturned his decision on penalty and said that it was an offside moment.

Koeman said that penalty should be given to Messi. At the same time, Koeman noted that he is not blaming anyone for the loss. Coach admitted that the big loss against Juve is fully on him and the team’s performance. Ronald Koeman said that team can learn many things about performance from this match.