After the match against Alaves, Barca’s coach met with journalists. Ronaldo Koeamn talked about the attacking line and problems in using the moments.

Ronaldo Koeman not happy with attacking options

Barcelona’s coach met with the media and he was not smiling this time. On Wednesday, Barca won the match against Juventus. Lionel Messi and co scored two goals in Turin and got an easy win. Unfortunately to Barca fans, the team could not make the same against Alaves. Saturday was not a good day for the team overall. Koeman said that he is very disappointed by the attacking option. He mentioned that Barca started the match with four attacking players. They should have had a better impact on the first half result but what happened? Barca conceded the goal instead of attacking more and scoring goals.

Creating too many chances but wasting most of them

Ronald Koeamn said that he is disappointed because Barca wasted many chances. Coach believes that the team has a perfect attacking frontside. They can create many chances but convert only a few. That’s a big problem for Barcelona and the coach wants to transform the situation. Koeman said that when a club creates 10 scoring moments and only scores one, it’s a big problem. Not to forget about Lionel Messi’s performance. Koeman left no comment on Messi’s performance but experts believe that Messi is feeling bad. The Argentinian player can’t score goals and he is not getting desired results. 

Three substitutions at the start of the second half

Ronald Koeman explained his decision of changing three players on the verge of the second half. The coach mentioned that he was not happy with the first half’s performance. That’s why he changed three players and made the attacking line solid. Koeman made late changes against Real Madrid and journalists criticized him for this. At the same time, Koeman said that he changed players early and now everyone is criticizing again.