Ronald Koeman met with media representatives before the match against Real Betis. He talked about Lionel Messi’s form and difficult times in Barca.

Messi is a human, so he could have difficult times

Barcelona’s coach said that Messi is not a different player. He is a human being just like other footballers, so the tough time is not something we should worry about. Keep in mind that Lionel Mesis could not score the goal from the match. He is scoring goals from the penalty spots so far this season. It’s the worst start for the Argentinian player. Experts believe that Messi’s glory in Barca could be already finished and he is just waiting for the season to be over and then he will leave. Barcelona’s coach noted that Messi is in a good health and mood. It’s temporary that he can’t score from regular moments and he will keep improving in every match.

Lionel Messi is a winner

Ronald Koeman said that Messi is a very important player. Coach noted that Messi is a winner and his presence is vital for the team members. When Lionel is playing, team members have faith in him and they are playing better. Barca’s coach mentioned that Messi improves the performance of the team every week. In attacking line, Koeman said that Messi is irreplaceable. Along with Antoine Griezmann and Fati, Messi will win many trophies – coach believes. 

Barcelona can’t renew the contract with Messi?

Toni Freixa came up with a very shocking statement on Friday. He is one of the candidates running for Barca’s presidency. After Bartlomeu’s resignation, few candidates had already registered their votes. Toni said that Barca is in an awful financial situation. Freixa mentioned that Barca can extend the contract with Messi but he can’t increase the salary. Messi is taking more than 30 million Euros per year from Barca, so the team can’t increase the salary anymore. Toni mentioned that Barca’s financial crisis is unavoidable so increasing Messi’s salary will lead to bankruptcy of the team.