After a game against Valladolid, Barcelona’s main coach talked about the upcoming matches and holiday period. Ronald Koeman also talked about Messi’s situation in the club.

Lionel Messi is happy 

Ronald Koeman was asked about Messi. Journalists asked him about Messi’s confidence and positive mood against Valladolid. It seems that Lionel was very positive during the game. He was joking and laughing with teammates and he even scored a goal. He got an assist and goal against Valladolid and it was a perfect game for him. Along with Pedri, Messi was happy demonstrating amazing skills. Ronald Koeman said that Messi is very happy with the team. Although Messi gave an honest interview a few days ago and said that he was very depressed at the start of the season, it seems that Koeman changed Lionel’s mind. Koeman said that Messi is the most important player for the club. The creativity he brings on the pitch is irreplaceable. 

Five defenders from the start

Ronald Koeman made a very interesting decision when it comes to the starting line-up. So, he benched two main players – Coutinho and Griezmann. It was really interesting as Koeman placed five defenders in the starting line-up. Keep in mind that Dest and Alba were playing as the main full-back. Their main target was to run up and down without a rest. Dest and Alba were free in the attacking line. If there was the counter-attack of Valladolid, three central defenders were also taking roles of full-backs. The strategy worked as Barca was pressing really high and Alba-Dest contribution to the attacks of Barca was high.