Barcelona will play a away match against Atletico Madrid on Saturday. It will be the last match on Saturday, so fans are ready for three points just like Koeman.

Why is Messi frustrated?

Koeman said that he understands Messi. As you may know, Messi went viral after the questions regarding the Griezmann situation. Agent who was working for Griezmann in the past said that Messi is the main reason why things go downhill at Barca. Journalists met Messi right after the flight from Argentina, so Messi was annoyed. He said that he is very tired of being a problem for everything that happens at Barca.

Koeman said that Messi’s situation is understandable. He had a very big flight and questions right after the flight were very frustrating. At the same time, Koeman noted that he is working hard to unify the dressing room. He has never seen any problems between Messi and Griezmann.

Ansu Fati undergo surgery

As you may know, Ansu will be out for next few months. It simply means that club season ended for him. He underwent surgery and will take him around 5 months to recovery from this. Koeman sent all positive vibes for Ansu and hoped that he will be 100% fit next season. At the same time, journalists believe that Coutinho will play at the place of Ansu Fati. Ronald Koeman said that Coutinho is a very good player just like Joao Felix playing for Atletico. Koeman said that Coutinho is giving many options to Barca’s management. The whole coaching team is grateful for him because they can ask Coutinho to play at any position. Koeman said that there is a big chance that Coutinho starts tomorrow.