There is a big pressure on Ronald Koeman. Dutch coach is not feeling confident about the job and he commented about it during the press-conference.

Game against Athletic Bilbao

The Copa Del Rey final will be interesting. Barcelona has to play against Athletic Bilbao and it will be very interesting. There are many indicators to be seen in this game. First of all, everything comes down to the season for Barcelona. Secondly, there is a job case regarding Ronald Koeman. Journalists were very curious about the situation and they asked many questions to Ronald during the press-conference. He admitted that there are big things going on behind the curtains. It’s obvious that Barcelona’s management is not happy with the current situation.


Koeman may lose job after final of Copa Del Rey

Ronald Koeman said that nothing can happen after a loss. He said that everything happens in life, so if he loses a job it won’t be a problem. At the same time, it won’t be surprising if he stays as a coach of Barca despite not winning any trophies. Barcelona’s coach said that he is building a team for a long-term plan. He noted that futuristic Barcelona is already planned and he wants to be a coach on that team. At the same time, Spanish team’s coach admitted that everything will be in the hands of the management. The president of Barcelona may not be interested in his plan, so he may lose the job. Koeman said that Barcelona players will do everything to win the last two trophies of the season. Losing the Champions League tie against PSG was very painful. It was as painful as losing a game against Real Madrid in La liga. Koeman added that nothing is lost if they look at long-term effect. Barcelona against Athletic Bilbao will be an interesting game.