Ronaldinho and his brother are still under house arrest in Asuncion. Brazilians will only have to plead guilty and pay the fine in exchange for freedom.

Former AC Milan, Barcelona and Brazil international Ronaldinho has a chance to be released after spending four months in a Paraguayan hotel.

Recall that 40-year-old Ronaldinho and his brother were arrested in March for crossing the Paraguayan border with fake passports. After some time, the brothers left the prison on $ 1.6 million bails and have since been under house arrest in one of Asuncion’s hotels, where the room costs $ 380 a night.

Ronaldinho himself claimed to have received passports from a Brazilian businessman who is currently in jail on the case. It is known that before that, the former player was banned from leaving Brazil due to the non-payment of fines.

According to local media, the investigation is 90% complete. So, the prosecution has not been able to charge the brothers with money laundering or organized crime. Consequently, the only point remains the use of forged documents to enter the country.

The brothers will most likely be offered a deal – closing the case and freedom in exchange for a fine and pleading guilty. Lawyers hope Ronaldinho and his brother will be released in August.

Ronaldinho played in Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Milan in Europe. With the Brazilian national team, he won the World Cup in 2002. In 2005, the Brazilian won the Golden Ball, and in 2004 and 2005, FIFA named him the best player in the world.

Ronaldinho officially ended his football career on January 16, 2018, and his last club was Fluminense.