As you know, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi were teammates. The Brazilian magician was playing for Barcelona when Lionel started his professional sporting career. Ronaldinho met with journalists on Wednesday evening and talked about relationship with Lionel Messi.


The early stage of Lionel Messi

Barcelona’s former player said that Messi was a real magician on the field. When Ronaldinho joined Barcelona, there were rumors about a kid who could conquer the world. Brazilian player said that Frank Rijkaard was very close to him. When Lionel Messi first joined Barcelona’s first team, everyone was amazed by the quality of Argentineans skills.

Ronaldinho said that he was talking a lot about Lionel Messi to the former coach of Barcelona. Brazilian magician believes that giving assist to Messi for his first career goal was amazing. I could not understand the importance of that assist. Over time, I look at that moment again and again. It was magical for me that I gave assist to Messi to score his first professional goal.

Ronaldinho believes that Frank Rijkaard was his best coach

During the interview with journalists, Barcelona’s former player said that Rijkaard was the best coach. Brazilian player recalled the moments when Frank was training the whole team. As it seems, Frank was a very quiet guy who was not talking too much. Ronaldinho believes that Frank was a very easy and straightforward guy. When Frank was talking, he has very easy and straight to point arguments. Frank Rijkaard did not love talking about random things.

Frank was always very close to the Brazilian footballer. Ronaldinho believes that Frank gave him the most freedom on the field. At the same time, Frank was asking to be disciplined and run after the ball too much.

Ronaldinho is very grateful to Barcelona fans. Brazilian players noted that fans were very warm and helpful to him. Ronaldinho could play at a high level because fans believed in him.