Several days ago, we found out that Ronaldinho was arrested for an attempt to pass the border of Paraguay with a fake passport. Later, according to some reports, a former Brazilian national footballer was released from custody.

Remind you that the Paraguayan prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for the legendary Brazilian on March 5. He was suspected of entering the country with false documents.

Police also searched the hotel room where 39 years old Ronaldinho, was living with his brother. The suspects had been locked up in a hotel until recently.

“Ronaldinho also presented his Brazilian passport and ID to the police. If he had intended to cover anything, he would not have done so. Ronaldinho and his brother have every legal right to liberty, but it was decided that they would remain in Paraguay until a court ruling. He is aware that they may be charged. He has not committed any criminal activity, “- said the former football player’s lawyer.


Court has issued an arrest order for Ronaldinho


Today, new reports showed up. A Paraguayan court has ruled and issued an arrest order for Ronaldinho. Brazilian legend has been accused of attempting to obtain a fake passport in a South American country.

Ronaldinho and his brother attempted to cross to Paraguay on March 5 with fake passports, but failed to cross the border, as they also had a Brazilian ID card.

At the hotel where Ronaldinho was staying, police searched, and Brazilians were taken to an eight-hour interrogation, after which Ronaldinho was arrested.

Paraguay says Ronaldo has never attempted to obtain a passport. Brazilian lawyers say the legendary player was given a fake passport as a gift.

It is unusual for what did the former player need to cross the Paraguay border with a fake passport. Ronaldinho’s property is valued at $100 million, and his posting on his Instagram is worth $200,000.

According to some rumors, the goal of Ronaldinho’s visit to Asuncion was to introduce a free medical care program for children.

And in general, Ronaldinho and the scandals are no surprise to anyone. Due to legal problems, he was recently stripped of 57 properties in Brazil over a fine imposed by the Brazilian prosecutor’s office. Ronaldinho was ordered to pay € 2.3m for environmental damage caused during construction in Porto Alegre.

Ronaldinho is the 2002 World Champion in Brazil. In Europe, he performed in Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, and Milan.