Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, a former professional football striker spoke about Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“Barcelona will never be equal to Real Madrid for me because I played for a very short time in Catalonia. On the other hand, I have faced many challenges in Madrid over the years.”

“I am happy to remember all the years I spent in the Spanish capital. There were too many of us. I’m talking about Brazilians. ”

“My best friend was Roberto Carlos. After training, we were together all day, and we spoke Portuguese.”

“In fact, the language barrier did not exist, but of course, we preferred to speak in Portuguese than in Spanish.”

“Technology was not developed at that level then. Today, the situation has completely changed, which is reflected in football as well. I probably couldn’t have imagined then that the video referee would have existed and judged each goal scored. ”


Trauma – The biggest pain of my life


“I played in many clubs, but Real Madrid was distinguished. Inter’s career? If it weren’t for the trauma, I would have achieved much more, and I still say that.

“The biggest pains in my life were traumas. I think I had a very productive career. But if I hadn’t been injured, I would have played a lot more and scored a lot of goals. ”

“Weight problem? Injuries caused all of this. I have repeatedly walked on the pitch with an injured foot. I had several injections at the end of the first half to play in the second half without pain. ”

“Many coaches have changed during my time at Blancos. Everyone had their own thoughts and tactics, but everyone was united around one idea, it was to win the titles of the tournaments in which we were taking part.”