Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence from Ballon d’Or 2019 ceremony was the most prominent notice for the football world. As it seems, Cristiano missed the Paris ceremony for Milan’s ceremony. Portuguese player won the best player award for last season in Italy.

Serie A ceremony in Milan

Ronaldo attended the ceremony in Milan with girlfriend Georgina and agent, Jorge Mendes. Cristiano was happy with the personal award and said that it was a big honor. Fans believe that Ronaldo should have won not Serie A best player, but Ballon d’Or for last season performance. Official statistics from journalists’ vote shows a different approach.

Lionel Messi had 200 points more than Cristiano Ronaldo

As you know, four players fought for Ballon d’Or 2019. Lionel Messi and Van Dijk were primary candidates because of trophies and personal awards they won last season. At the same time, journalists vote for Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane. Portuguese won a medal with the club and national team, while Mane could not win anything with Senegal.

Lionel Messi had 200 more points from journalists then Cristiano. Keep in mind that Ronaldo came third in Ballon d’Or competition while Van Dijk missed Messi’s spot with only seven points.

Ronaldo became the best player of Serie A in 2018/2019 season

Cristiano’s first season in Italy started successfully. In first rounds of Serie A, Ronaldo had few goals and assists. At the same time, Ronaldo was good in the Champions League, and we had vibes for sixth Ballon d’Or. Unfortunately to Ronaldo, he could not go further in the Champions League and missed many matches in Serie A.

Jorge Mendes believes in Ronaldo’s greatness

Cristiano’s agent, Mendes said that Cristiano is the greatest of all time. Portuguese agent said that Cristiano was absent from Paris ceremony because he got personal recognition from Serie A officials. At the same time, Mendes can’t believe in the authority of journalists’ votes. Portuguese said that it’s hard to believe in those votes. As always, agent said that every personal vote is debatable. According to Mendes, the only thing that fans should not debate is Ronaldo’s greatness.