As you know, Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo is hiding from Coronavirus in Madeira. He returned to his homeland in March to visit his ill mother, who was hospitalized at the time.

When the Portuguese arrived in his homeland, it was at that time that the Juventus player Daniele Rugani was confirmed to have Coronavirus. Due to this fact, Ronaldo did not return to Turin and decided to stay in Madeira.

For Cristiano, physical fitness is very important. So, at the beginning of the week, he trained secretly with friends. Of course, the journalists did not miss all this and posted the training photos on the social network.

The training photos, of course, became the subject of discussion immediately.

As it turned out, one of the stadiums there was specially opened for Cristiano to train for 2 hours. As you know, due to the condition caused by the coronavirus, all this is quite dangerous. Accordingly, many criticized the 35-year-old attacker for not following the rules set by the World Health Organization.


“Ronaldo must respect the rules”.


Later, the head of local health, Pedro Ramos, said Ronaldo had no special permission to train and that was a violation of the law. Ramos also said: “Ronaldo must respect the rules set by the government. He has no privilege to train. ”

“Every athlete has the right to leave home and train separately, but not in the way that Ronaldo did. It is impossible to train several people together and break the distance. ”

“We are all in the same situation and we are fighting this virus. Ronaldo is the best player in the world and he should set an example for others. ”

“Everyone living in Madeira obeys the rules set by the government. Ronaldo is no exception. ” – said the head of health care of Madeira.