Here is another episode “Off the pitch”. Dana is back with new rumors and latest news in the football world.


Marcelo will be a new teammate of Ronaldo?

Rumors suggest that Ronaldo is looking for a new house. Although Ronaldo has a very big mansion in Turin, CR7 hired people to look for a new house. What could be a reason for a new house? Marcelo. Italian journalists believe that Marcelo is the main reason for a house search. Just a few days ago, Ronaldo posted an image on Instagram and Marcelo commented that he is missing him. Keep in mind that Marcelo and Ronaldo were great friends in Madrid. It’s believed that they have not stopped contacting each other after Ronaldo’s exit. Los Blancos is ready to buy David Alaba. He will be a free agent in summer, 2021. Bayern Munich president noted that Real Madrid has a big interest in David. So, Marcelo’s main replacement will be Alaba for sure along with French Mendy.


Money mystery of Maradona

Legendary Diego died a few months ago. Football world is still heartbroken over losing a legendary player. His friend opened up about the net worth and money Diego Maradona had before death. Friend of Maradona said that he was living in poverty for the last few months. Diego told him that he has more than 100 Million USD but no one can find it. Friend asked Diego to use that money and live in a better place because he deserved living as a king due his past. Maradona had a big impact on the world of football. His sprints, goals and assists are still arguably one of the best in history. 


Dilemma of Daniel Levy

The manager of Tottenham is not having a good time. He always dreamed of having his favorite players and coach in the team. Currently he has his favorite coach Jose Mourinho but lost favorite player – Dele Ali. Keep in mind that Dele was Levy’s favorite player for years. Unfortunately Ali signed for West Ham in January because Mourinho was not impressed. Levy’s another favorite player is Gareth Bale. The same scenario is going on with Gareth Bale because Jose is not impressed yet again. 

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