The Portuguese star had a disagreement with the leadership of Juve. He refused to go to general isolation due to the coronavirus case.

The Portuguese star of Turin Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently at the meeting of the country’s national team. Before that, Ronaldo left the ranks of the Italian club with a scandal. According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the Portuguese star had a disagreement with Juve’s leadership.

Ronaldo left for his homeland without any contact with them. The cause of the conflict was quarantine measures, which Ronaldo refused to protect. A few days ago, a new outbreak of coronavirus appeared in the ranks of Turin. Two employees of the club became infected. Because of this, the entire Bianconeri team had to move to isolation in a hotel near the club base, which led to protests from Cristiano. He spoke to the Juventus leadership in a high tone and left for the Portuguese national team’s meeting arbitrarily.

According to the Italian Football Federation’s protocol, exit from isolation is possible only when the people who had contact with the co-infected pass the negative test 3 times. By the time Ronaldo decided to travel home, he had only passed 2 tests. It is noteworthy that today was the first case of infection in the ranks of the Portuguese team. COVID-19 goalkeeper Anthony Lopez has been spotted. Clearly, a version immediately emerged that Christiano had brought the virus to the meeting. Although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Recall that the Portuguese team plays in Group A of the League of Nations organized by UEFA and has 2 victories in Group 3. Ronaldo and his teammates have already beaten Croatia (4: 1) and Sweden (2: 0). In the near future, 2 more confrontations are expected: on October 11, away to France and 14, at home, to the same Sweden.