The club’s sponsor – CHEVROLET is interested in Cristiano returning to Manchester. The American Automobile Concern is ready to finance the transfer. The 35-year-old Portuguese has already brought financial benefits to Jeep.

Turin’s Juventus Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United. As it turns out, the title sponsor of the English club, the automobile concern Chevrolet, is interested in this transfer. It is ready to spend the money needed to hire the forward.

The American car company was interested in the positive effect that Ronaldo brought to Jeep – a sponsor of Juventus and a competitor of Chevrolet. However, it is known that a week after the transfer of the Portuguese to Turin, the shares of Juventus on the Milan Stock Exchange have risen by 30 percent.

Now Chevrolet believes that the return of 35-year-old Ronaldo to Old Trafford would be a financially lucrative business move. So, they are ready to fund the transfer.

It was recently reported in the media that Turin’s Juventus will not prevent the Portuguese star from leaving the club a year before the expiration of his contract. It is known that the “Old Lady” wants to save the salary and compensate for the expenses they paid for Ronaldo’s transfer in her time. Ronaldo’s salary for the Turinese is 31 million euros per season.

Cristiano Ronaldo defended the honor of Manchester United in 2003-09. With them he won 9 titles, including three English Championships and once the Champions League. Throughout his career, he also defended the honor of Lisbon Sporting and Real Madrid. From the Royal Club he transferred to Juventus in 2018.

The Portuguese striker has played in 6 Serie A matches for the Turinese this season and has scored 8 goals.