Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in Portugal, has decided not to return to Italy for a while. The reason is the coronavirus epidemic. The virus is particularly raging in Italy at the moment and has already been identified to his teammate Daniele Rugani.

According to the latest reports by Italian media, the Portuguese player has already informed the management of the club of Juventus about his decision.

The 35-year-old star has been in Madeira (Portugal) since March 9 and was due to return on March 12. Portuguese authorities have banned flights to Italy over the epidemic. But Cristiano Ronaldo was granted an exception and was granted special permission to fly to Turin by private jet. Still, he decided to stay in Portugal for a while.


Juventus have confirmed – Daniele Rugani has a coronavirus


On March 11, it was announced on the official website of the Turin club that Juventus defender Daniele Rugan’s coronavirus had been found. The club said that they would follow all procedures required for isolation. Also, everyone will be checked who has had contact with Rugani lately.

As you may know, Daniele Rugani is the second professional player to be named Coronavirus. The first player to be Hannover player Timo Hubers.

It is not yet known what will be the impact of the infected Rugani on the League’s second leg match between Juventus and Lyon.

Recall that due to the coronavirus epidemic, matches of the Italian Serie A are no longer held. The Italian National Olympic Committee has previously announced that no sporting events will be held in the country until April 3.