Yesterday the next Serie A match between Juventus and Inter Milan featured Cristiano Ronaldo. In particular, Cristiano has held his 1000 matches in a professional career and has shown excellent results.

Here is an overview of individual and team achievements that the Portuguese monster has gained in these 1000 matches: 725 goals and 31 titles. Juventus and world football star Cristiano Ronaldo holds many records. It is virtually impossible to break many of them.

Ronaldo’s recent impressive breakthrough has also just surfaced online. In particular, Cristiano is the first player in history to score 60 or more goals four times in one calendar year. He accomplished this in 2011-14 in a row.

This is a really impressive stat for a 35-year-old player.


Ronaldo missed another brilliant record chance


In Yesterday’s Derby Italy Cristiano Ronaldo had a chance to set a brilliant record. If he were able to score, he would become the first player in Serie A history to score in 12 matches in a row.

It is noteworthy that, despite the scoreless match, the Portuguese still played well.


How Maurizio Sarri responded to Ronaldo’s achievement


Following a meeting with Inter Milan, which was Cristiano Ronaldo’s 1000th in his career, Maurizio Sarri commented on the Portuguese’s achievement.

“Ronaldo has had an excellent game despite not scoring a goal, which is rare (laughs). We can always rely on him and know he will definitely do something with Higuain or Dibala. We are happy to have Cristiano,” said Juve’s head.

A Dignified Statement – How Ronaldo responded to his 1,000th career game


The Portuguese responded to this fact through a social network:

“I’m very proud to have achieved so many in my life and won many titles. I thank all my teammates, coaches, family, friends, and fans who helped me in all this. Without them, it would have been impossible.” – Cristiano said.