According to Roy Keane, Arsenal’s maximum is to stay in the Premier League. The Irishman does not even believe in Mourinho’s Tottenham winning the championship.

After the Premier League tour of the British “Sky”, Roy Keane has been an expert. The Irishman is a man known in the world of football for his directness. That is why his visit is always an important and interesting story. This time Keane talked about Arsenal and Tottenham – these two London clubs played on Sunday night.

The Gunners lost at home to the Wolves (1: 2). It was Arsenal’s third home defeat in a row, and the Londoners are in the second half of the table.

Keane was very sceptical of Arsenal, criticizing his players and noting that Arsenal’s real task is only to maintain a place in the Premier League.

Roy Keane: “Arsenal are a good team not to lose. They do not have good enough players. They play too ‘softly’ and lack self-confidence. I do not see that they want to fight to the end, as their coach says.”

Keane also talked about Tottenham, who played a goalless draw with Chelsea in away match and lead the tournament table with 21 points, along with Liverpool. The Irishman noted that the “Spurs” do not have a very high chance of winning the championship, despite the fact that they have Mourinho and Harry Kane.

“Mourinho has already won the championship. He has a fantastic CV. But I do not think he has enough good players to win the Premier League. Tottenham have the X-factor in the form of Jose and Harry Kane. But I do not believe that is enough. They will probably have a very good season, but “There is a big difference between a good season and a championship.”