Roy Keane has harshly criticized Manchester United. He said the main problem is the weak character of the players.

Manchester United lost another principled match and are in 15th place with 7 points in 6 games. After the defeat to Arsenal, United were ruthlessly criticized by its former legend and captain, Roy Keane, and the failures were explained by the weak character of the Manchester players.

“The most important thing is the lack of energy and enthusiasm. They really lack class as well,” Keane said. “I’ve lost to Arsenal three times this season. I’m not offered anything serious to Arsenal. I’m sure when Arsenal players got back on their bus or plane, they told each other that it was not difficult to play at Old Trafford. Do it! ‘

In the wake of the fact that Keane praised Edinson Cavani for his efforts, he harshly criticized Marcus Rashford: “Some have played really badly. Solskjaer is probably confused. For example, Marcus Rashford. I know he has been praised a lot in recent months and he still “He is young, but today his body language and gestures were awful. He only shrugged his shoulders when things did not work out. The Manchester United leader cannot play like that. I just do not see any leaders in this team.”

According to Keane, Solskjaer is not tough enough and this team will sooner or later force the Norwegian specialist to leave the team.