Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward has spoken out about his vision for the Coronavirus pandemic at the transfer window. He said that in the current reality 100m transfers are unreal.

“It’s not worth having illusions about the scale of the problems that the football industry is now facing,” Sky Sports quoted Woodward’s words.

“Of course, in the summer transfer market, not everyone is in the usual mode, our club is no exception. As always, our priority will be the success of the team. But we need to see how the pandemic affects the entire industry, or the transfer market, and the financial picture.”

“After that, it will be possible to talk about returning to normal life. Given that, I think the rumors about the transfer of some 100 million players in the summer do not correspond to the current reality of sports,” the official added.

According to the current information, “Manchester United” is ready to pay 117 million to “Dortmund” winger Jadon Sancho.


For Manchester, Koulibaly is no longer a priority.

The 28-year-old defender of “Napoli” has been linked with leaving the team for a long time. According to Manchester Evening News, “Manchester United” has not set the purchase of Kalidou Koulibaly as one of their main goals.

The Senegalese defender was linked with a variety of top clubs for a long time. Although he has recently become quite traumatic, and the clubs, therefore, reluctant to pay a large sum of money for him.

United, along with others, have also been monitoring Koulibaly for some time. Still, sources say Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is happy with his current central defenders. So, he has no plans to buy Koulibaly.