The Manchester United legend is not optimistic about the near future. According to the 46-year-old Welshman, the reason for this is Jürgen Klopp and Josep Guardiola.

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs does not rule out that it will take the club at least 15 years to win the English Premier League title again.

The Red Devils last became English champions in the 2012/13 season when Sir Alex Ferguson coached the team. In history, the club has won the country’s premier league (the first division of the football league, later the Premier League) 20 times.

“It could happen after 15, 20 years, especially if Klopp and Guardiola continue to work. They have the resources, and they have the players.

When Liverpool won their penultimate title in 1990, everyone thought they would win another one soon, but it took Klopp four and a half years to do so. It takes a lot of time. It is worth thinking about what Klopp did. He improved the team every season. Won the Champions League. Everyone saw progress, and because of that, the pressure was reduced.

“Every new coach or player is expected to bring the title to the team, but it does not happen so easily,” Giggs was quoted as saying by British media.

Ryan Giggs, 46, defended the honor of Manchester United from 1990-2014. The Welshman has won a total of 34 titles with the club, including 13 English Championships and 2 Champions Leagues.