For the last decade, we hear a debate about Ronaldo and Messi. Who is better, Messi, or Cristiano? Which player score more goals by the end of their careers? Who can win the World Cup? There are many questions and topics to debate over Messi and Ronaldo.

Ryan’s choice – which player is better

On Thursday, Ryan met with journalists. Giggs talked about Manchester United, Ronaldo, Messi, and defensively perfect opponents in his career.

Ryan said that Cristiano was a great team-mate. According to Giggs, he would always go for Cristiano Ronaldo because Welsh player so winger’s evolution. Ryan said that he was there while Cristiano transformed from ordinary to world-class players. That’s why Giggs would choose Ronaldo over Messi.

At the same time, Ryan said that there should be no comparison. Former midfielder noted that both players have different positions and targets on the field. So, there should be no comparison between Messi and Cristiano.


Giggs thinks that both players have enough qualities to be leaders of their respective clubs. Manchester United former player said that Messi is genius and you can’t compare anyone to him. Also, Messi is someone that you should watch over and over again. If someone is not into football, Ryan can show them Messi’s performance to fall in love with this sport. Ryan noted that Gareth Bale is also close to legends like Messi and Ronaldo.

Gareth Bale’s role in Real Madrid and Wales

Ryan mentioned that Gareth Bale is the most prominent professional in Wales, and he can change the outcome of every match. According to Wales coach, Gareth has many qualities, and he has already one many things to prove haters wrong. “Gareth Bale is my captain, and I trust in his leadership skills,” noted Wales coach.

Defensively perfect players

Ryan Giggs said that players like Carles Puyol were tough to attack or dribble. Barcelona’s defender was adamant, and Ryan always played with double motivation against the Spanish defender.

Giggs also noted that Michael Salgado was a massive headache for him. Ryan recalls that matches against Salgado were very tough for him.