Totally different Cristiano Ronaldo who prefers watching boxing rather than football. The golden ball and the Champions League is not the main goal for him today.

Juventus and Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the media about his difficult childhood, his interest in martial arts and his life priorities.

Cristiano says he prefers watching football, boxing or mixed martial arts on TV.

“I think boxing work is much harder than mine because they are lonely. I could not become a boxer. It is difficult. The talent for this must be inherited from birth. I was born a footballer.

Playing football is my element, but I prefer watching other sports on TV. I prefer watching a football match, boxing or a UFC fight. “I trained in boxing because I think it intensifies the feelings and also teaches movement.”

The 35-year-old Portuguese star recalled his difficult childhood:

“I had a difficult childhood. You have to fight for existence. The environment in which you grow up affects your character, your personality. It was the hardest thing for me to leave my family and move to Lisbon, and then I lost my courage. “Men do not cry. Who said that? Everyone has feelings and emotions and need to express them.”

The five-time winner of the “Golden Ball” does not hide that personal or team titles are no longer the main meaning of life for him.

“At 33, you start thinking you’re going downhill. I want to keep playing football, but I do not want to be said that Cristiano was awesome, but now he has lost speed. You may take too much care of your body, but the problem is not here, but in the head, in the motivation… Federer is 39 years old and he is still at the top.

I took a lot to be the best player in the world, a better person, and now the best dad. Winning another “Golden Ball” or another Champions League… is good and normal, but I want to be a happier and better person. That’s the main thing. ”