Mohamed Salah does not rule out going to Real Madrid or Barcelona. His former teammate says the Egyptian is unhappy in Liverpool.

Just a few days ago, a slightly bizarre comment by Mohamed Salah was spread. When asked about his interest in Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the Egyptian said that he feels good at Anfield, but whether he stays at Liverpool or not is up to the club. In transfer language this means that Salah is thinking of leaving. Players who want to stay at the club usually speak in a more assertive form.

Salah has already spoken about the possible departure of his former teammate Mohamed Aboutrika in the Egyptian national team this morning. He said Salah wanted to go to Spain.

Aboutrika: “I called Salah and asked about his condition in Liverpool. He is unhappy, but it does not affect his game. Mo is unhappy in Liverpool. He told me the reasons, but it is a secret. I can not talk about it in public. One of the issues that made him angry “He is not the captain of the team against Midtjylland.”

It’s impossible for Aboutrika’s comment to be disseminated without Salah’s permission. It turns out that Salah expressed his dissatisfaction through Aboutrika.

It is yet unknown what he will do after leaving the post. The club wins titles while Salah is its leader and plays consistently. It was previously reported in the English press that the Egyptian thinks the club does not value him on merit. It was also written that Salah and Sadio Mane have a bad relationship with each other and the Egyptian is very annoyed by the club’s special attention to Mane. In any case, it seems that Salah’s future at Anfield is not even fully guaranteed.

It is noteworthy that Salah was not in the starting lineup in Saturday’s 7-0 win over Crystal Palace. Jürgen Klopp included him in the game in the second half, instead of Mane, and the Egyptian doubled.