An agreement has been reached on the transfer of the talented 19-year-old midfielder of Brescia. The player, who has been the target of several European grandees, is moving to Inter.

Sandro Tonali, a 19-year-old midfielder from Brescia and the Italian national team, will most likely continue his career at Inter Milan. Noteworthy that Tonali is predicted to have a great future in Italy and is also referred to as the “new Pirlo,”

According to Italian media, Nerazzurri has agreed to a transfer with Brescia and offered the player a 4-year contract, where he will be paid 2.5 million euros a year. This is ten times more than what the young midfielder currently earns.

Brescia estimate their talent at € 50 million. So, the Milanese are going to pay the money that they get from selling Mauro Icardi to Paris Saint-Germain. The transfer is scheduled for this summer.


Juve, Napoli, Barca and PSG have also targeted Tonali


Inter Milan are not the only club that want to capture the talented Italian. Juventus, Napoli, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain are also watching the player.

Recently, the President of Brescia, Massimo Cellino, spoke about Sandro Tonal’s wishes:

“There are players on the team who I love and who I would never sell. Creating a good team around Tonali was my dream. But I understand that the boy has his goals, he has a family by his side.

The president of PSG wants to see him in Paris and wrote to me today. But Tonali does not have a desire to go to France. He prefers Inter and Juve. De Laurentiis (owner of Napoli) offered me 40 million euros, Fiorentina is ready to do everything. But his fate is decided one way or another. Before the Coronavirus, Barcelona offered 65 million euros, plus two interesting players. ”

Brescia raised Sandro Tonali. He had his debut for his first team in 2017 when he was featured in Serie B. In the current Italian championship, Tonali defended the dignity of Brescia in 23 matches and scored one goal and five assists.