Manchester United Legends Owen Hargreaves and Paul Scholes have disagreed over Manchester United’s “insurance policy” player ahead of the summer transfer window.


As a result, Cavani’s future speculation has led to a lengthy discussion after his fine display against Granada. Cavani netted just six minutes into the game to hand Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a tone in the game.

According to Hargreaves Edinson Cavani is an “insurance policy” player for the Red Devils. He urges United to keep him, spend in other areas as they can rely on Cavani’s experience.

“You’ve got to keep him, he’s fabulous,” Hargreaves said

The former right-back explains, “First of all, he’s a great goalscorer. His minutes per goal show that he’s the best United player for that.”

Also, Hargreaves insisted on keeping the Uruguay International at the club.

“I think just as a mentor for Marcus, Mason, and Anthony. I would 100 percent keep him and invest the money into other positions to help bridge that gap.

Hargreaves argued, “Obviously everyone would love to have Harry Kane and Haaland, but I just think with Cavani there, you don’t have to go spend £100million on a player. If you spend it there….”

“Cavani, if he played next season the whole season, I think he easily gets you 25 goals with the other boy,” Hargreaves added.

Meanwhile, Scholes sees Cavani from a different perspective, apart from being a mentor. He questioned whether Cavani is willing to stay on the bench as a mentor.

“I would go along with that but that’s if he plays – and it’s a big if now,” Scholes said. “At his age, this season he has started 15 games. It’s not a lot, is it?

Besides, Scholes says, “He doesn’t look the type of player who would be happy to sit on the bench and be a mentor for young players. He wants to be involved and play games.”