After a crazy mid-week match against Leipzig at home, Dortmund lost away match. Favre’s players could not score enough to keep up with Hoffenheim. A beautiful miracle happened at the stadium, and the home team could bring a late comeback.

Pre-match preparations

Dortmund was successful in the last few matches. Keep in mind that Favre’s player could keep up with Champions League play-offs. As we already know, Dortmund will play against Paris SG in Champions League last 16.

Lucian Favre’s team was not successful in mid-week. After leading 3-0 against Leipzig, Dortmund could not take three points. Leipzig scored three late goals and got a draw from Dortmund’s home stadium.

1st half of the match

Dortmund was successful in the first half. Alex Witsel and Marco Reus could not help the team on Friday evening. Marco Reus has a muscle injury and will be out for the next four weeks. Favre had to trust Gotze against Hoffenheim.

Trust from Favre became real. Gotze scored a goal in the first half and gave a lead to Dortmund. Hakimi gave an assist to Gotze and forward scored an easy goal. At the same time, Dortmund was very successful as a whole team. Hazard and Jayden Sancho were very sharp in attacks. Hoffenheim had zero shots on target while Dortmund had three shots on target in the first 45 minutes.

2nd half of the match

Who would believe that Dortmund could get late comeback in two straight games? It happened, and Favre was furious after the game.

For 78 minutes, Dortmund was leading thanks to Gotze’s goal. On 79th minute, Hoffenheim could score a goal. Adamyan was successful enough to convert shot into the goal. Fans became crazy after a game-tying goal. Fans cheering were enough to score another goal for Hoffenheim players. Adamyan was on top as he assisted Kramaric. Forward scored a late goal in the 87th minute and gave three points to Hoffenheim.