Serge Gnabry clearly recalls the time when he was loaned to the lower-tier team. His parent club was Arsenal but unfortunately Gunners loaned him to another Premier League club. 

The words from Tony Pulis

The 25 years old winger won Bundesliga for two-times now. Keep in mind that he is a defending champion of the Champions League. The 25 years old player scored many goals last season in the Champions League and deserved the title. Keep in mind that Gnabry was not a good player in the eyes of many coaches. For instance, Tony Pulis said that Gnabry is not good enough to start in the West Bromwich line-up. Serge believes that those words were life-changing for him. Once he was the youngest star in Arsenal line-up and ended up on the bench of West Bromwich, not so well-known team of Premier League. Don’t forget one important note – the head coach of the team gave Serge only 12 minutes in 6 months course. His time in West Bromwich was disastrous and awful.

“Keep working harder”

Serge Gnabry said that life in West Brom was tough but he never stopped working. He noted that at some point, he was at the lowest points of life. Although he felt bad, he never stopped working. Serge explained that he just kept working harder every single day. Those 12 minutes under West Brom was his last minutes playing in the Premier League. After that season, he signed for Werder Bremen and then joined Hoffenheim. It was a moment when Bayern decided to give a contract to this player. It seems that Bayern’s management was correct because Serge is just a world-class and his performance is unbelievable.