Sergio Aguero was injured in a meeting with Burnley and now Aguero needs operation. The player’s father has confirmed the need for surgery.

Manchester City defeated Burnley 5: 0. Despite the excellent game, the fans of the “Cityzens” could not be happy. The cause is Sergio Aguero’s knee injury.

The Argentine player was substituted at the end of the first half. He suffered from a knee pain last month. He felt the pain before the match but decided to play and apparently suffered a severe injury due to the load.

“He has been suffering from knee pain since last month. I am not a doctor, but the injury seems serious,” said Pep Guardiola, City’s head coach.

It has been reported that the 32-year-old player needs surgery. This information was confirmed by the player’s father, Lionel Del Castillo. He said his son needed surgery, and he would soon be transferred to Barcelona.

“I just talked to Sergio. His knee has been stiff all week. It’s the meniscus. He’ll undergo a medical on Tuesday, and the degree of injury will be determined.”

“His knee was already sore before the game, and he was injured during the match. Doctors believe he has a meniscus injury and will travel to Barcelona for surgery on Thursday or Friday,” Sergio’s father told Radio La Red.