Sergio Aguero wants to leave Manchester City in summer. He may join Barca and make Messi a happy person again.

Everything changed in summer

Lionel Messi was always happy in Barcelona. In all his interviews, Messi was admiring a lifestyle in Barcelona and confirmed many times that he wanted to finish career in Spain. At the same time, many things changed last summer. Previous president of Barcelona let Neymar leave the team and Messi was not impressed by this decision. At the same time, Barca’s president sold Messi’s close friend, Luis Suarez. Keep in mind that Luis Suarez was sold to main contender of La Liga’s title – Atletico Madrid. Messi could not hide his anger and published a very post in his social media accounts. After a very direct conflict with the previous president of Barca, Messi decided to leave a club. Lots of fans gathered in front of the president’s office to let Messi stay in the club. That’s why he resigned and now the team has a new president. Laporta is a big fan of Lionel Messi. Keep in mind that Messi started career 16 years ago when Laporta was the president of the team.


Satisfied Messi

Laporta said that he will do everything to satisfy Messi’s needs and create a better team around Argentine strikers. Messi’s close friend, Sergio Aguero will be a free agent from summer. Messi wants to connect with Aguero again (a part of Argentina’s national team), so Laporta has to work on contract aspects. Keep in mind that Barca has had many financial issues from the last few years, so the team can’t pay for big players. Aguero will be a free agent in summer, so it’s satisfying for Laporta to sign him and let both players dominate La liga next season. Messi wants to play with Neymar too, let’s see how the future unfolds.