Sergio Ramos recorded an interesting interview with Real Madrid’s official website three years after winning the 12th CL Cup.

“We had a lot of motivation in the final against Juventus. Our team reached the final stage for the second time in a row, and there was a chance we could do something that no one has ever done before. We won the cup for the second time in a row. So, additional motivation decided everything. ”

“During the break, we had a long conversation with Zidane. He demanded that we catch the ball, and the reins of the game would not be missed. With this step, the French wanted the attacks of “Juve” to be neutralized as much as possible. We played tactically correct football. So, in the second 45 minutes, we clearly defeated the opponent. ”

“We were under unprecedented pressure. But it is noteworthy that in this case, the pressure had a positive effect. It was the second in a row and the third cup in my career. ”

“I remember the first goal very well. Dani Carvajal was very active and developed unprecedented speed. Ronaldo tried to get into the penalty area and attract the attention of the defenders of the ‘Old Lady’. Everything happened quickly. So, we were able to open an account. ”

“Mandzukic’s goal was really exemplary and was recorded in the history of the Champions League forever. When Asensio threw in, we had amazing feelings. We realized that this was the end of the story.