Spanish media believes that Sergio Ramos and Carvajal will renew the deals. Real Madrid management is working with big deals for Dani and Sergio.

Sergio Ramos for next two years?

Florentino Perez has a very close relationship with Los BLancos captain. Sergio Ramos wants to finish the career at Los Blancos. There were rumors in 2018 that Ramos could leave Real Madrid. Rumors suggested back then that Sergio could not agree with the salary. Currently, covid has affected the financial situations of football clubs. In most clubs, just like Real Madrid, the players agreed on cutting the salaries to help the team. Spanish media wrote that Sergio Ramos won’t have a new salary. Real Madrid will extend his current contract for two more years and he will have the same salary. Media representatives say that Florentino and Sergio have already agreed on a new contract and it will be announced after the international break.

Dani Carvajal until 2024?

Another footballer who will extend contract with Real Madrid – Dani Carvajal. Right-back has injury currently and can’t help the team. As you see, Real Madrid can’t find the suitable candidate for replacing Dani Carvajal. Spanish player was the main character for winning four Champions League in five years with Los Blancos. Keep in mind that Dani Carvajal has been playing for Real Madrid seven years already. He is the player who grew by the training school of Real Madrid. Fans love Dani, so he will be able to play for Los Blancos next four years. 

What about other players?

Luka Modric and Raphael Varane may be in row for extending the current contract. Who will next after Dani Carvajal and Sergio Ramos? Spanish journalists believe that Los Blancos will reject other contracts until 2021. As the covid and financial situation gets better, team management will have a chance to renew contracts of other players. Currently the team has financial problems. Unlike Barcelona, Real Madrid still has a positive situation as they have not signed anyone during the summer break. Financial management of Barcelona already predicted serious financial problems in 2021.