Before the second El Clasico of the season, Sergio Ramos met with journalists. Captain of Real Madrid talked about the upcoming game against Barcelona.

El Clasico as a different level

Sergio Ramos said that El Clasico is a different type of game. Although there is only three points at a stake, teams will benefit a lot winning Clasico. First of all, Clasico is always played against the main rival in La Liga. So if you win against the main opponent for La Liga trophy, it means you’ve more chances to win it. Secondly, Ramos noted that winning in Clasico would be a perfect boost of motivation. The team will look better during the workouts and in general, winning Clasico would be perfect for the long-run.

From the start of the week, there is big attention to both teams. Journalists come every day and ask questions. Fans are cheering every day for the rest of the week as it’s another level game.

Playing in El Clasico

Spanish player hoped for more appearances in El Clasico. Ramos said that it’s a great joy to play in El Clasico. When you are old and you still take part in this kind of match, it’s a great joy. In that way, all the hard work, preparation, patience and sacrifice looks worthy.

According to Ramos, the secret to playing on a high level for many years is indeed hard work and patience. When player does the work every day, without rest and keeps going for it many years, that’s who you go on high-level football.

Playing against Lionel Messi

Sergio Ramos said that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest that ever played football. Playing against him is a very big responsibility. Ramos noted that he has very big respect towards Messi. At the same time, Sergio hoped that Ramos would have a very bad day at Bernabeu. That simply means that Ramos and his team did well defending and scoring goals.