All Serie A clubs have made a united pledge to combat Italian football’s racism. According to the clubs there is no more “time to waste.”

The Serie A clubs said they could “no longer listen.” This after they underwent several recent incidents in which Serie A players have been victims of racism.

“It’s a problem we have not done enough to combat over the years.” Stated an open letter from the clubs.

“We, the undersigned clubs are united by our desire for serious change.”

Earlier this month, Brescia’s Mario Balotelli called fans who shouted racist abuse at him “small-minded” and “imbeciles.”

Lukaku, on the other hand, said the abuse he suffered in Cagliari when fans made monkey chants showed the game was “going backward.”

Consequently, the Sardinian clubs were later cleared of racist chanting. This led the head of the anti-discrimination body, Fare to say that Italian football authorities and their disciplinary systems to combat racism were “not fit for purpose.”

Additionally, Serie A intends to deliver “a comprehensive and robust” anti-racism policy with new stricter laws and regulations.

“Images of players being racially abused in Italian football have been viewed and discussed around the world this season and that shames us all.” The letter contained.

“No individual should ever be subjected to racist abuse. Inside or outside of football. We can no longer stay silent on this issue or wait for it to magically disappear.”

“We must now act with speed, purpose and unity. Therefore, we call on you, the fans to support us in this vitally important endeavor.”