Football returns to Germany – Bundesliga will resume on May 16. But Italy cannot do the same. So, we will have to wait a long time for the restart of the Italian Serie A.

The Italian government has decided to discuss the renewal of the football championship on May 18. It is noteworthy that the Italian clubs will start team training on May 18. If the epidemiological statistics allow politicians to do so, the renewal of Serie A will be decided. Sandra Zampa, the government secretary of the Ministry of Health, spoke to the Italian media about this.

Before the team training, players and club staff will be tested on Coronavirus, after which the teams will move to a 2-week quarantine. Only after that, will become possible to play football even without watching. The health of the players and staff should be the most important thing when working on the update of Serie A.

“We all want not only the football championship in Italy. but also many other things to be renewed. But a lot of conditions are needed, ”Zampa said.

Recall that the Italian Serie A ended on March 9. There are 12 rounds left until the end of the season. On Thursday, Florence’s Fiorentina and Genoa’s Sampdoria confirmed a total of seven cases of infection.


Three cases of Coronavirus infection have been reported in Milan.


Three cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Milan, writes Italian journalist Nicola Skira. Along with 6 new cases at Fiorentina and 4 at Sampdoria, Coronavirus has been confirmed at AC Milan to 3 people.

“It’s becoming even more difficult to renew the season in Serie A,” the journalist reported.