After being eliminated from German Cup, Dortmund players wanted to win and get a secure spot in BundesLiga. Unfortunately to Dortmund fans, the team could not keep the score and conceded two late goals from Bayer Leverkusen.

Pre-match preparations

Bayer Leverkusen is very close to the Champions League spot in the Bundesliga standings. Keep in mind that Bayer is in the fifth position while four clubs are ahead. Dortmund and Monchengladbach are close to Bayer, and the team will try their best to catch up.

Dortmund had a tough week. Swiss coach wanted to win German Cup this season, but the team could not advance to the next level. Werder Bremen scored three goals while Dortmund could only answer with two goals. It was a very fast-paced match, and Marco Reus, who was playing with an injured leg, could not keep up with the tempo. After the game, Favre said that Reus got another injury, and he will be out for a few weeks.

1st half of the match

It was an exciting match in terms of drama. We saw both teams taking the lead and then going down. The first goal came from Bayer Leverkusen. Volland scored in the 20th minute and gave a short-time lead to Bayer. In just 2 minutes, Mats Hummels answered Volland and scored a game-tying goal. In the 33rd minute, Emre Can scored his debut goal for Dortmund. German midfielder gave a lead to Dortmund for the first time in this match. By the end of the first half, Volland scored another goal and tied the game.

2nd half of the match

On 65th minute, Dortmund took another lead. Hakimi dribbled through defenders and gave an assist to Guerreiro. Dortmund’s midfielder scored a beautiful goal. Unfortunately to Dortmund fans, the team could not keep the score and have conceded late goals from Leverkusen.

On 71st minute, Bailey entered the field and decided the outcome of the match. On 81st minute, Bailey scored a beautiful goal and tied the game. After his attack in the 82nd minute, Bender scored another goal and gave three crucial points to Bayer Leverkusen.