Real Madrid will play against Shakhtar this evening. Ukrainian team is ready to host Los Blancos in Kiev. Keep in mind that both teams have a chance to qualify for next round.

Fifth round in Champions League

It’s the fifth game for both teams in the group. First round match finished in favor of Ukrainians. Shakhtar won the game against Los Blancos in Madrid. Keep in mind that Shakhtar was leading 3-0 after the first half. 

After four rounds, Real Madrid is now in a better situation. Don’t forget one important fact – Shakhtar could not win any other games in the group. After the big win against Los Blancos, they lost 8 potential points from 9. They played 0-0 against Inter while losing two matches against Monchengladbach. It’s sad for Ukrainians because they had a perfect chance for the next round after the match in Madrid. 

Real Madrid is in a better mood

As you may know, Real Madrid won two consecutive matches in the Champions League. Both matches were against Inter Milan. Conte’s team could not show a counter-strategy against Real Madrid. Zidane’s team won both matches in a very calm manner. In total, Real Madrid scored five goals against Inter Milan in the group. Conte’s team is in the last position while Real Madrid has seven points.

Inconsistency in results

Zinedine Zidane’s team is always under a lot of pressure. Real Madrid could not win a match in November in La Liga. It’s very frustrating for the fans and that’s why no one is 100% sure that Los Blancos will win the game in Kiev. Shakhtar has already shown that they can win. Sergio Ramos is still missing, so Shakhtar has a better chance to score goals.