After a decisive win against Barcelona, Atletico’s coach met with the press. During the post-match press conference, Diego noted talked about the match and upcoming final against Los Blancos.

Bad defensive performance from Atletico

Most of the questions from the press were related to bad defensive performance. Diego Simeone said that it was not a bad performance. The coach noted that defenders played as usual. Most of the time defensive side shows the same quality during La Liga and Champions League. Atletico’s coach noted that Barcelona was so good at attacking the line that Atletico’s players could not defend correctly.

Diego Simeone said that defense played right, but Barcelona is the best team in the world. Stopping Lionel Messi and Griezmann is very tough for anyone in the world, according to Simeone. Atletico Madrid’s coach praised the play of midfield. The coach said that midfielders gave their best while helping the defensive line.

Tactical changes that won the match

Diego Simeone decided to stay humble. Journalists told him that his strategic moves won the game, but Diego thought different. Simeone noted that tactical changes were on time, but we should praise players. Koke’s substation and giving Correa a chance in the attacking line was important for Atletico Madrid. Diego Simeone was pleased during the post-match press conference. He praised not only players but fans that traveled from Spain to Jeddah.

Teams have to play till the end

Atletico Madrid’s coach praised Barcelona but noted those teams have not played till the end. Barcelona’s main problem was that players have stopped playing after 80 minutes. Diego believes that Atletico’s players found Barcelona’s mistakes and use those advantages. Barcelona is one step above other teams in the world, but they have to play until the end.

Diego Simeone wants to have a perfect performance against Los Blancos. He has promised excellent performance against Real Madrid on Sunday.