Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho is waiting for the renewal of the English Premier League. The Portuguese was dissatisfied with colleagues who wanted to wait.

Jose Mourinho, the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur in London, says that he is in favor of a quick renewal of the football season in England, which has been suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The media initially reported that the English Premier League was scheduled to be renewed on June 12. But later, it was announced that the tournament would not be renewed until June 19.

Mourinho has called for a quick renewal of the Premier League at the Football Association of England (LMA). Other coaches, in addition to Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool) and Josep Guardiola (Manchester City), have reportedly demanded another trial. Because of this, the Portuguese addressed his colleagues as follows: “You don’t want to play – sit at home and watch the Bundesliga.”

Recall that the German championship returns after a pause on May 16.


“Now we’re looking forward to returning to the training base.”


“I think my position in the LMA congregation has been rightly voiced in the media. I really want the Premier League to come back as soon as it’s safe. Especially now that we see how other leagues are preparing to play,” Mourinho said.

Tottenham’s boss is happy with his players, who have kept their form under quarantine conditions.

“We’ve all worked a lot in distance training mode, and now we’re looking forward to returning to the training base. In the process of working individually, each of the players showed up well, and now we’re waiting for permission to work in small groups,” said the Portuguese.