In a group 4 of League A, Germany and Spain want to win. Only one team has a chance to get on top and finish the group as a winner. Spain lost the first match against Ukraine but Germany had many draws. Yesterday, Germany got another draw – now, it’s with Switzerland.


Low said that German players were ready mentally and physically. Chelsea teammates, Kai Havertz and Timo Werner were playing as the main strikers. On the right side, Serge Gnabry was attacking Swiss footballers. Toni Kroos and Kimich were playing from deep. Their main goal was to give assists to the attacking line therefore start the attacks. Switzerland was also playing with an optimal line-up. Petkovic decided to use the historic 4-4-2 strategy. Gavranovic and Seferovic were playing as the main strikers. Shaqiri was playing from the right side and attacking the penalty area of Neuer. 

Six-goals madness

Switzerland started the match with two shark-attacks. During the second counter-attack, Swiss players opened the score. Gavranovic got the ball from Freuler and gave a lead to the team. Swiss players increased the lead to 2 goals in just a few minutes. Freuler himself scored the goal and in the first half he was very productive. He could give an assist to Gavranovic and score the goal after the pass from Seferovic. 

After Freuler’s goal, German decided to attack more freely. Timo Werner scored the goal in the 28th minute and decreased the lead of the Swiss team. In the second half, Kai Havertz scored the game-tying goal. Seferovic gave another lead to Switzerland in just two minutes after Havertz’s goal. The limited number of fans were allowed at the stadium. They thought that the Germans could not tie the match because of Swiss players’ solid performance. Serge Gnabry was thinking differently as he dribbled through two defenders and scored a perfect goal.